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Our Projects & Events 

Casting For Recovery Day

Every year in the first week of June, FFIM and Casting for Recovery partner together to create a special day for patients and survivors of breast cancer. FFIM members volunteer their time and are partnered with a Casting for Recovery participants for a day of fly fishing in Maine's historic Rangeley Lakes Region.

This longstanding event has been going on for more than 10 years and is by far the most important event on FFIM's calendars. The memories and most importantly, friendships created through this event are truly inspiring. If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information, please email Peter Crowell at

Fly Fishing Film Tour

After three months of enduring another one of Maine's unforgiving winters, there is no better way to shake of the cold and usher in the upcoming open water fly fishing season then watch 2+ hours of pure unadulterated "fish porn". Every March, FFIM partners with the Frontier Cafe in Brunswick, to bring F3T's Fly Fishing Film Tour to both fly fishers and non-fly fishers alike. FFIM has being working to bring the films to Maine audiences for more than 15 years and it is the single largest fundraiser the organization hosts each year.

So kick of the winter cold by buying tickets to the next show and enjoy some of Maine's finest eats in the wonderful atmosphere created by the fantastic folks at the Frontier Cafe. 

Stream Thermometer Program

Stream temperature data is critically important and relatively easy to collect. It is key developing sound trout and salmon management programs. We all know that trout and salmon need cold water, but what is the best method for figuring out if your favorite fishery has suitable temperatures in the face of climate change or other stressors?


The answer is too monitor stream temperature. FFIM has partnered with Trout Unlimited on a stream temperature data collection initiative that will provide valuable insights into restoration effectiveness, environmental compliance, and fishery potential among other things.

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