Board of Directors


Benjamin Redmond - Ben works tirelessly behind the scenes, soliciting some of the largest brand names in the industry for support. He also assists with the Conclave, Film Tour and other FFIM events. He is a native Mainer who grew up in New Gloucester before leaving to serve in the United States Marine Corps for six years. Ben has  

been fly fishing since he was in grade school, having learned the sport from his grandfather. When he is not chasing down funds for FFIM projects, he can be found fly fishing the remote ponds and rivers near Moosehead Lake, or wandering the miles of Maine’s coastline after midnight in search of giant stripers. Ben is also a Registered Maine Guide.


Maura Halkiotis – Maura is a 17-year survivor of breast cancer, Maura (a.k.a. Biscotticatcher), was introduced to fly fishing through Casting for Recovery and FFIM. Her love of standing in a river in her waders supersedes her love of actually catching fish (which she rarely does). Her favorite place to fish is a secret (naturally) and her favorite 

fly is anything with pink in it although she has been known to use biscotti in a pinch.  Maura’s love of the outdoors extends to hiking, camping, cycling and snowshoeing. In her spare time she runs a CPA practice in Yarmouth.

Board Member

Brian Foley – Brian spent his childhood  fishing the brooks and ponds of Downeast Maine – ever since then his passion has been exploring remote streams, chasing wild, native Brook Trout and trying to protect the places they are found. He has been fly fishing for 44 years and is a Registered Maine Guide. At the moment, the 

corners of his fishing world are Newfoundland, Alaska, New Zealand and Venezuela. He currently lives and works in Orono. Brian’s duties at FFIM will include event support and spearheading the Spring Cleanup and Grassroots Grant Program.

Vice President

Dan Tarkinson – Dan founded FFIM in 1995, initially as a college project, and for the lack of being able to find any information about fly fishing in his home state of Maine on the emerging “World Wide Web”. Initially a limited set of static pages, FFIM has grown into a dynamic community of thousands of anglers from across the globe, and a

501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has raised tens of thousands of dollars to benefit Maine’s fisheries through education and conservation. Dan has been fly fishing in Maine for over 20 years, and routinely spends time chasing both trout and salmon across the state in rivers and streams, as well as stripers and blues among the estuaries and flats closer to home in Casco Bay.


Peter Crowell - Peter is a lifelong Mainer who grew up fishing occasionally as a kid until he finally picked up a fly rod in his early twenties. Since then he has had a constant obsession with catching anything that would eat a fly. In the pursuit of learning everything he can about fly fishing he took up fly tying, and has even dabbled in bamboo rod

building. He has participated in several FFIM projects over the years including CFR, stream side clean ups, stream restoration, and with the film tour. When Peter is not out searching for fish he can often be found in a duck blind, procuring his own tying material.

Board Member

Chris Bean - Chris grew up in Maine's Mid Coast region and spent his early days trolling for trout in the spring and fishing for smallmouth bass and stripers in the summer with his father and brothers. He was introduced to FFIM through our event with Casting for Recovery through the Fly Fishing Film Tour. Those events have led him

to volunteer year in and year out for CFR Day Camp, the Film Tour and any other event that FFIM is involved in.  He is an avid fly tier and enjoys teaching fly tying tactics and learning new ones. He has even designed some flies while pretending to save money tying his own. During fishing season he can be found wading rivers and or on remote ponds casting for trout and salmon or skipping around one of Maine's many bays in search of striped bass.

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